2.05 hotfixes summary

2.05 brings a multitude of fixes and adjustments that may not bring the sizzle quite like PvP in the Wolves Den awaiting us in the upcoming patch 2.1, but is still a welcome addition with the number of tweaks made.

The biggest being adjustments to the level 50 dungeons, The Wanderer’s Palace and Amdapor Keep. They’ve added more servers to host instances for these dungeons, so there shouldn’t be as long a wait to queue for an instance.

 Monsters now drop 40-60 gil when defeated in those two dungeons. Enemies drop about half that in Castrum Meridianium and the Praetorium. I was hoping there would be a greater or more inventive incentive for defeating what many consider to be “trash mobs”, but it is certainly better than nothing.

Wanderer’s Palace now gives players Tomestones of Mythology on completion of the dungeon. Tomestone rewards on completion have been altered slightly for other endgame content as follows:

Wanderer’s Palace – 100 philosophy tomestones, 30 mythology tomestones

Amdapor Keep – 100 philosophy tomestones, 40 mythology tomestones

Garuda Hard Mode – 15 philosophy tomestones, 10 mythology tomestones

Titan Hard Mode – 20 philosophy tomestones, 15 mythology tomestones

They also adjusted it so gathering classes now gain more experience after level 16. This includes fieldcraft leves so I’m very happy that I won’t be burning my allowances for middling gains. Not a fan of what a repetitive grind that gathering has become, but anything that can shorten that experience is most welcome.

On the UI side of things, now your buffs and debuffs on other party members and enemies are always to the leftmost area so you can easily keep track of them. They’re no longer randomly strewn about in a sea of everyone else’s business. Really helpful!

The other thing to note now is that equipment will now bind to your character once they earn experience with it equipped, regardless of item level or level of content being done.  

Other changes of note:

  • Airship and Ferry prices have been reduced
  • 2nd lieutenant promotion quest for Grand Companies has been changed to beating Aurum Vale rather than Amdapor Keep.
  • Karakul are more common now in Coerthas Central Highlands
  • Diremite spawn rates have been adjusted in Northern Shroud

They make no mention about the NPCs giving out cactuar or bomb earrings as of this time. I will double check in game if they are available on the servers I play.

The official posting is here: http://forum.square-enix.com/ffxiv/threads/97920-EU-FINAL-FANTASY-XIV-A-Realm-Reborn-Hot-Fixes-%28Sep.-27%29?p=1428873&viewfull=1#post1428873

– Dario


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